Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Using Twitter for Sales Prospecting

Sales people are beginning to exploit Twitter as a means to find and build relationships with potential customers. In the beginning is was rather difficult as it was difficult to identify the type of people you want.

Many new tools have since been developed as outlined Lee Ogden in his "12 ways to find Business and Brands on Twitter"

More about how small and large branded companies are using Twitter to drive traffic and build customers may be found at this weeks Hopeful Al Direct Marketing Blurb

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Friday, January 30, 2009


Appealing to Different Values

I do not know if this is a phenomenon that exist on the internet, and in internet marketing environments. Looking through the Sales Copies for many internet marketing offers mainly targeted at US and European audiences, what comes across strongly as appeals are:
1. Laze on the beach, drink in hand and a beautiful girl by your side while your business income cascading in like a waterfall, AutoPilot.
2. This person is tricky, foxy, a maverick, join him and make quick money.
3. Here are some Cheats...use them get rich.

These values have certainly attracted a fairly large group of young Asian Internet Marketing aspirants, but I do bot think they have a universal appeal in Asia, where work ethic, and diligence is still strongly admired qualities.

Up to now, successful consultants and coaches in internet marketing are those who dress professionally and display strong sense of honesty, diligence and discipline.

I tested these values amongst my SMB customers, many in mechanistic engineering, hardware and manufacturing and they totally reject them as being foolish values. Even the Banks thinks of these as "fool's gold"

Whether these Asia values will ultimately be eroded remains to be seen.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Learning to Build Killer Mini Sites

There's a lot of talk online about how important it is to set up mini sites in order to create automated income streams on the Internet. These are small, 1 or 2 page websites that make you money even while you are sleeping, and they're VERY simple to create (once you know how).

The problem, however, is that even after you learn HOW to create a killer mini site, you still have to figure out how to actually make money with it.

My friend Michael Rasmussen has just created an incredible set of FREE videos called 'Mini Site Profits Exposed'. As soon as I finished watching them, I knew I had to blog about them FAST!

These videos (which are available to watch instantly right on the web) will walk you through how to create a killer mini site from the ground up. Michael leaves
nothing out.

The second half of the course shows you how to start making money with your mini site. These videos will give you the most complete education you could ever need for building your own mini site empire.

These Videos are so good that I wondered why Mike was giving it away. He explained
he figures that the best way to prove himself, and to show the quality he is capable of, is to GIVE you one of his best products.

That way, you'll be happy to do business with him in the future.

I wish all marketers had that same philosophy. Most people try to figure out ways to take money from their prospects. Michael is one of the rare few who believes in giving lots of value up front BEFORE he ever asks you to spend any money with him.

To register for the free product, go to Mike's Main Site or see my Product Review at my website

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Sunday, May 20, 2007


The Cold Call Culture

This post is stimulated by messages posted in the Sales Practice Forum lamenting about Cold Calls and ab recent article I came across in HBRs Managing Diversity by, David A Thomas and Robin J Ely. "Making Differences Matter…A New paradigm for managing diversity" it says
The leadership must understand that a diverse workforce will embody different perspective and approaches to work, and must truly value variety of opinion and insight. We know of a financial services company that once assumed that the only successful sales model was one that utilized aggressive , rapid-fire cold calls. (Indeed, it incentive system rewarded salespeople in lare part for the number of calls made.) An internal review of the company’s diversity initiatives, however, showed that the company’s first ad third most profitable employees were women who were most likely to use a sales technique based on slow but sure building of relationships. The company’s top management has now made the link between different identity groups and different approaches to how work is done to get the best results.

It makes me understand that sales practices are not only affected by cultural differences between countries...they are perhaps more influenced by cultures within companies.

Also see article about the Fuller Brush Culture.

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Monday, May 07, 2007


The Key Difference Between Networking and Selling

Having a good network is a vital resource for any business person. For many people networking is their primary source of business. Yet most people get very little benefit from their efforts. They attend networking events and collect dozens of business cards from people who are not qualified prospects. This feels like progress, perhaps it even feels like work, but unless these contacts are likely to become prospects it's pretty much a waste of time.

As a result, this kind of networking yields modest results and is usually cover for a broken or non-existent marketing process.

To network effectively you have to fish where the fish are. Where are you likely to meet prospects for your business? What do you want them to do? Once you know the answer to these questions focus your attention on relevant venues where you can find people who can move you toward your goals.

When you find people you want to do business with, you had better not network with them, this is the time to start selling.

Networking is far more passive and does not generally put bread on the table. Selling is understanding peoples problems and offering them a solution that they will pay you for.

If you confuse networking with selling you will almost certainly end up earning less than you should.

Source: Submit Articles at

About the Author:
Michael Hepworth is the StreetSmart Marketer and a Toronto strategic marketing consultant , you can receive his free marketing advice at

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Sales and Consumer Created Ads

Jonah Bloom's Don't Let Consumer-Created Ads Drown Out the Larger Conversation in the Ad Age February 12, 2007, is a timely reminder. Whilst acknowledging the contributions of this media, quoting many senior marketing executives, and Bob Garfield's Bob Garfield's "Listenomics" essay and his blog, he says

" But just as TV commercials are often mistaken for the sum-total output of a marketing department, so consumer-generated content is in danger of obscuring the bigger story here, which is that we're entering a new ad era -- the conversational marketing age."

Consumer created advertising is not new. In the past it was called "word of mouth" advertising, then "referral", "viral" and "buzz" marketing. Its the village drums that still works powerfully in the country sides of Asia. The only difference is that internet savvy consumers are now empowered (often provided with) new tools for spreading his opinion.

But the same rule of affinity will applies.... people will be more influence to those who they know well by reputation or closeness of relationships....they are not likely to believe everything they hear. They do have enough experience with "word of mouth" information and here say. Hence there is a lot of noise out there, possibly creating more doubts and incredibility than positive effects.

There will of course be a portion of the mass market that is gullible and may still believe that whatever appear on the mass media, (ie NEWS) is more credible ...or worth checking out, than what they hear through "word of mouth"

That of course is the old advertising game...presenting your message in way that is interesting, believable and response generating.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Cross Cultural Communications

" Business is not conducted in an identical fashion from culture to culture. Consequently, business relations are enhanced when managerial, sales, and technical personnel are trained to be aware of areas likely to create communication difficulties and conflict across cultures."
The article goes on to discuss ethnocentrism and the various factors that affect cross cultural business communication.

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Cultural Impact on EU Sales Management

European nations are attempting to standardize business across the community despite deep cultural divides. CULTURAL IMPACT ON EUROPEAN STAFFING DECISIONS IN SALES MANAGEMENT (PDF) presents results from a research conducted on the captioned issue.
"Our study set out to examine the influence of regional culture on sales force recruitment and promotion decisions. We believe this is an important and under-researched area within the sales force and human resource management area. It will doubtlessly become a more important issue as sales forces are deployed cross nationally or globally with the implementation of various free trade agreements (e.g., NAFTA, ASEAN, MERCUR, and the EEC) and in Europe, the common money. Researchers have called on sales organizations to focus more on their staffing policies because they are critical to long-term success (e.g., Churchill et al. 2000, p. 354). We hope our research contributes to the field by providing empirical support for differences between countries in terms of recruitment and promotion decisions. Additionally we believe this study offers insight into the type of criteria used by managers to make staffing decisions."
The cultural divide between Asia and Western Culture where much of the Best Practices in Sales and Sales management emanates is of course deeper than between EU nations. The findings from this study would certainly suggest that for Western best practices to work effectively in Asia, it will have to be applied with great flexibility.

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Empowerment, Guanxi Style

Empowerment,Guanxi Style from Rat Droppings: Asian Business Culture and Gossip, Chao Phraya Rat's personal satirical review on Asian business, marketing, culture, politics, and trends presents a enlightening view on the Asian view of Guanxi (Relationship) that pervades all aspects of business including sales.

"Call it cultural or society practices in Asia, guanxi is person specific i.e. the relationship of trust between two persons are paramount because this relationship cannot be transferred. Before you are empowered, there must be an established trust which is visible, so much so, the visibility is sometimes equated to being loyal to the person giving the power."

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Friday, February 02, 2007


Great reminders about communicating digitally

Here’s a compilation of 10 silly and stupid ways by Guy Kawsaki on how companies are hindering adoption of their products and services.

Truly useful article as we make these mistakes all the time. In Asia, many, like me, we don't know. There's quite a few things in Guy's article that I have to find out more about. The worse mistakes are those that we make out of carelessness or "can't be botheredness"

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Clever but Unethical Sales Practices

There is just still too much of this in Singapore today. I liken this situation to software piracy and recent comments by Tarun Sawney, director of the BSA’s antipiracy activities in Asia-Pacific, reported by CSO. (26 Oct 2006).

" Do you see Singapore as a first-world nation or a typical Asian nation"

It is largely a cultural issue, and yesterday I had a bad taste of it when buying a Chinese language Software.

Having gone through that experience, I must add that aside from protecting businesses from IP losses, consumers too have to be protected against unscrupulous IP creators...those that can make their stuff looks good in demos, or on paper, but cannot assure performance or service.

Of course one could argue. " let the buyers beware" ...but there must be a limit to this.

Most first world countries have cooling off periods for can easily return products that prove unsatisfactory... definitely not so everywhere. Take my case for example,

I purchased a Chinese Word Processing software(or what I told in was), called “Chinese Doctor”, from the famed Sim Lim Square in Singapore. The label said that the software had could create a Chinese document by inputting text whether in English or pinyin which suited me fine. There was also a good translator in case I receive a Chinese Document. ..or needed to input in English. The demo was good so I purchased it to explore it further...knowing its hard to see all at a demo.

To cut the story short, things did not go so well when I tried using it at home.... and of course I was refused a refund when I tried returning the stuff. "Many people have used this, its even loaded on all the computers here, so its the fault of your system not ours"

When I send the package to for evaluation by someone who knew better, I found that:

1. The Chinese Doctor was merely a writing program, not as claimed on the packaging, literature and sales presentation. You could use your mouse or mouse pad to write a Chinese word and it appear on your document(Clever) But not useful for me as I have explained that I could not write Chinese.

2. He demonstrated inputting PinYIN which I needed but was relying on the Microsoft’s build-in capability without telling me this(Clever and deceitful).

3. Even worse he demonstrated a number of other inputting features that I making use of the existing word processing program in my computer (Clever and totally deceitful)

4. The dictionary was a standard shelf software called TranStar which was not integrated at all with the Doctor. Even worse I think the copy is a fake, as I saw a piece of the original which looked quite different.(criminal in most cases, but I guess being a Chinese software, its not)

What I went through was not only deceitful demo with the sole objective to sell, without any regard to customers real needs or for any ethical or moral considerations.... the facts provided on the packaging were all lies and untruths.

And I dare say..."UNFORTUNATELY, this happen quite a bit out in Asia"

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Monday, January 29, 2007


Gaining visibility in your e-selling game

Small and medium size companies in Asia can benefit immensely by learning to connect themselves to the international business community, to promote and sell their products and services. Companies around the world are looking at Asia as a both as a supplier source and a market.

Starting a Blog is a simple way to get e-connected to the right audience.

Once you start exploring blogging, you will come to know that there are many companies out there dedicated to connecting people. Technorati is certainly one of them.

See Technorati Profile


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Effective E-mail Sales Copies

I happen to received this email...which was I thought had a strong intro for "high-inertia"people like me who probably form at least 80% of all audiences.

However I felt that the writer failed to develop on this strong intro.

  1. Having a powerful should tone down and sound really logical and rational...don't pile the rhetoric on more rhetoric. Somewhere it must start sounding sincere and real.
  2. Links are introduced too early. When you ask someone to open a link, it's a call for action.
In a world where people fear being spammed or virus infected a higher level of trust should be first established. Check out this yourself and let us and let us have your comments.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007



A number of friends actually called me and emailed me to ask, rather than post a comment....and what are all those things like "joining the group". They like me are new to Blogging... so I have asked my friend Steve Seah to help me draft this explanation.


A BLOG is a web platform for sharing ideas and actually network... like in a real live seminar or net-working sessions. But you can do it from you having to fight with the traffic, park you car to get to a venue. (the setback- you have to get the snacks from you own fridge)

Some people share not only their opinions but their personal profiles, so you can actually get to know them.

With sales being so important of all of us... we are selling one thing or other whether we know it or not.... I thought it would be an interesting topic for sharing. To me sales is any act of influencing people to share our beliefs, accept our it does not matter how its done... face to face, through the phone, through ads, PR...digitally or otherwise.

As someone hosting a blog, we are like an organizer for the networking session. We do it for the benefit of all.

So feel comfortable to click the comment button to says something...


A Group is a web facility for collaboration that existed a long time before Blogs were invented. Many business people including I used this in our working lives for organizing our committee meetings. I put up this group as I thought some of us may be more familiar with this for group communication.

The Group facility requires that you to log-in, and provide some details of yourself... where in a blog its optional. It however allows you to post you own discussion topics rather than having to us comment on those posted by me.

Getting through to each other is the main objective

Whether you prefer blogging the the Group Discussion , the important thing is getting through to each other to share ideas... and you will get a personal response from me.


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